Funeral Merchandise

We offer a wide variety of different products from Hardwood, Metal and Specialty caskets to Urns, Keepsake items and Jewelry.

Through several of our distributors, you can select the items you are looking for online and contact our office for pricing and ordering.

Caskets and Urns are delivered within 24-48 hours to our Funeral Home from The Imperial Group in Calgary, Alberta.

Keepsake and Jewelry items are delivered in the same time frame, depending on the item. Some will even be delivered directly to your home!

Please contact our office for any additional information.

Hardwood Caskets


Michelangelo Maple


Parwood Walnut

Parwood Shaded Bumper 

Morgan Cherry

Princeton Crane Mahogany

Classic Mahogany

Jamestown Cherry

Barnwood Oak

Prairies Oak


The White Pearl Rose is an 18 guage steel casket with an eco finish and pink crepe interior. With a pearl rose interior panel, it also feature pink rose hardware.

The most popular steel casket for women.

The Going Home casket is made of 20 guage metallic blue steel with an eco finish. The interior consists of blue crepe material with the going home panel and the matching going home hardwarde.

The most popular choice steel casket for men.

The Ebony is an18 gauge steel casket with a brushed finish featuring white crepe interior.

A classic black and silver two tone colour.

The Lincoln Copper is a 32oz. precious metals casket in a heritage bronze colour with a brushed two tone finish complete with a luxurious almond velvet interior.


The Timberland First Nations casket is a natural pine casket with a satin finish and features a tan crepe interior.

Complete with a traditional Pendleton package, please contact our office for colour and image options available.

The Parwood Walnut First Nations casket is a made of oak veneer with a cherry coloured satin finish. Featuring white silk interior, this casket also comes with a traditional Pendleton package.

Please contact our office for colour and image options available.

The Camo Ash is a medium ash with camoflauge covering and a satin finish featuring white apollo interior.

Any hunter, trapper or bush person can rest easy with the comfort of this casket to lay them to rest.

The Cherub Cloth

Constructed of engineered wood with an embossed covering and apollo white interior with lace accents.

Available in White, Blue or Pink 

Casket comes in 2' or 3' lengths

Hipile Cloth

Available in White, Blue or Pink in 2' or 3' lengths.

4' and 5' lengths also available, but come in white only.

Veneer Oak

This casket is made of oak veneer in a cherry coloured satin finish comes with a white silk interior that can be changed out for a pink or blue silk.

Available in 3 sizes: 2'6", 3'6" or 5'

2'6" shown in photo.

Solid Bleached Ash

This casket is available in 3 sizes: 2', 3' and 5' and all have a satin finish with white crepe interior. Blue or Pink accents are available for the interior lid.

5' casket shown in picture

Cloth caskets, Green caskets and Oversized caskets are also available upon request.

Please contact our office for additional information and pricing o



We have urns that can be ordered from a variety of distributors that we work with, and you are welcome to bring in an urn that you have purchased elsewhere to be filled with the cremated remains of your loved ones as well. Below are some of the popular urn collections that we have brought in for several  families. There are so many urn choices to review and they come in a variety of sizes as well. Please contact us for additional information to view a catalogue from one of our distributors, or you can visit the website for to view all items that they have available.

The Infant Blocks. A precious memory of any little one.

This block in engraveable and comes in white, pink or blue.

Measures: 3.4"H  x  3.4"W  x 2.5"D

The Wings of Hope Collection is available with so many options! You can choose your colour options from White, Blue or Lavender  and you can have these pieces in 5 different options!

Adult full size measures: 8.5"H  x  8"W  x 10.5"L

Medium size measures: 4.75"H  x  6.3"W  x 4.3"L

Keepsake size measures: 2.5"H  x  2.25"W  x  3.25"L

Bead size measures: 10mm H  x  13mm W

Pendant size measures: 16mm H  x  19mm W

The Craftsman urn is a beautiful two-tone Bamboo & MDF Wood  that looks amazing yoru mantle piece.

Measures: 5.5"H  x  10.75"W  x 9.6"D

The Elite Mother of Pearl Urn is an exceptional piece all of its own. Available in full or keepsake size.

Full size measures:

9" H  x  6.9" D

The Serenity Angel urn is made of cultured granite and makes a beautiful piece anywhere in your home for holding your loved one.

Measures: 21"H  x  9.75"W  x  9"D

The Grecian Pewter Urn is a gorgeous metal urn that is available in a full size or keepsake size.

The full size measures: 

10.4" H  x  6.1"W  x 6.1"D

The Paragon Chest is made of all stained glass pieces and shines beautifully in the sunlight!

Measures: 5.8" H  x 9.7"W  x 7.9"D

The Bronze Book is an exceptional specialty urn made of pure bronze and engraveable for your loved ones information. 

10.5" H  x  4.25" W  x  7.25"  D

The Aria Tree of Life is a metal urn from the standard imperial collection.

This urn measures:

10.4" H  x 6.1" W  x 6.1" D

The Highland Clock is made of solid maple with a cherry finish and is engraveable for the perfect personalization of your loved one.

14" H  x  10.25" W  x  7.5" D